Why Retire a 2-Year Old Warship?

Why Retire a 2-Year Old Warship?

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The US Navy has slated a 2-year old ship to be decommissioned. In fact, a completed class of active Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) are being decommissioned, all 9 of them! The issues with LCS have been know for some time. But why would the navy continue building them? It's #NotWhatYouThink #NWYT #longs

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0:00 Intro
0:37 The Inception of LCS
1:46 Propulsion System
3:02 Modular Design
3:59 Surface Warfare Mission Package
4:30 Mine Countermeasure Package
5:41 Anti-Submarine Package
6:28 What Went Wrong?
7:30 Two Important Questions