The Cosmic Scale

The Cosmic Scale

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How large is the universe? Where does it begin and end? And how does it expand? These are some of the biggest questions of astronomy. And while humanity is so small that we may never be able to fully understand the true scale of the universe, advancements in technology are helping us to look ever-deeper into the wilds of our existence- towards the edge of our observable universe, known as the Cosmic Horizon. Today, we will analyse the universe, its laws, and its awe-inspiring scale.

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- NASA Redshift Animations:
- Dark Energy Expansion:
- Zooming into the Ultra Deep Field:
- Virtual Clips of Hubble Repair:
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- ESO Type 1a supernova
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- Number of Stars in the Universe:
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- How Much of the Unobservable Universe will we See Someday:
- Some interesting notes on the sphere expanding model:
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- Size of the Unobservable Universe [Oxford Physicists]:

0:00 Introduction
2:23 Defining the Universe
6:51 The Big Bang
9:12 The Observable Universe
10:53 The Hubble Telescope
11:46 The Hubble Deep Field
16:49 Cosmic Expansion
19:40 Redshift
21:48 The Cosmic Horizon and the Unobservable Universe
25:36 Accelerating Expansion
28:29 Dark Energy
30:14 The End of the Universe

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